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Q.   How do I change my image / photo?
Changing your image is fairly straight forward.

First log in with the email address on which you will receive enquiries, and your password.

If you have forgotten your password, it can be emailed to you.

Once logged in ..

All the options you need will be on the right hand menu.

Click on Manage Your Images

It will provide you with a browse box. Free and Featured entries may only upload one image, Premium Entries may upload up to four images.

Click on this and it will show you the files on your computer. Select the jpg picture file you would like to upload, adn the website will do the rest.

Image Constraints

1. We do insist that all images are suitable for viewing by minors.

2. There is a maximum size of 2mb, or 1000 pixels on the longest edge.

3. Only jpg, jpeg images are allowed. This is THE most common format for photographic images.

Common Errors

The most common error is that your image is simply too big, in either filesize kb / mb, or is too long on its longest edge.

Also, we only allow jpg or jpeg images to be uploaded for security purposes. You cannot upload other image file types.

Better Quality Images

Our system will resize your image to 140 pixels wide, 72 dpi.

Resizing to this size first with software of your own, will give you the best quality image.

If your image is, for example, 1000 x 800 pixels, it means it has at least 800,000 pixels

When this is reduced to 140 x 112 pixels, those pixels are reduced to around 1,680

The script has to decide which 798,320 pixels to lose.

Image software of your own PC, with considerably more resources and programming behind it, will do a far better job than our simple upload script.smrtovnice
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