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Q.   Preventing fraudulent bookings and enquiries
We have done everything we can to prevent scamsters from abusing our enquiry systems.

With the unique confirmation code required on every form, this should prevent any automated means of abusing our system to send you their junk.

The confirmation number has only four possible combinations in any one hour.

However, this on its own cannot not address those who sit down and personally or manually enter the details into the enquiry forms.

Yet for these we have a separate system. If you receive an enquiry that appears suspicious, that seems fraudulent or just a plain old scam. Forward the email to us.

We can add their details into a verification system. If they attempt to contact further Selfcatering establishments through our enquiry forms, their enquiries are not sent.

We cannot prevent these manually submitted scams coming to you in the first instance, but we can prevent them from being sent to others.

To forward us any dubious emails. Contact us in the first instance to let us know you will be forwarding one through. You will then receive a courtesy thank you email, and you can forward the suspicious enquiry to this email address.
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