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Q.   What is this linking thing?
It is a case of adding a link on your own website to the Directory, letting the directory know where to look, and hitting a button, the directory will do the rest.

It is not essential; only for a free listing , if you can link to the directory from your own website, once validated you are rewarded by listing above other free entries who do not, on many of our pages.

The code, something like:

<a href="">Self Catering Directory</a>

And lookes like:

Self Catering Directory

It needs to be added to the code on one of your pages somewhere.

There are advantages in linking to related websites.

Google does look at who you link to, and it can draw conclusions from that as to what your site is about.

If you link to scores of cookery sites you must have something to do with cookery, and probably don't really have anything to do with Audis!

Linking to related authority sites within your pages will help you.

In addition, if you link to other websites, Google and others are more likely to come through and re-index your pages, pick up on any changes, new pages etc.

The reason being that it saves on their resources.

Say google comes through and indexes your site then finds an outbound link, it can follow that and index that site too, and so on. If Google indexes your site and finds no outbound link, then it must stop and start it's search again, it puts a halt in the robots process.

It's thought that sites that link to others are indexed more frequently.

The link from your full page to your own website will show whether you link the directory or not with a Featured or Premium entry.
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