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Q.   What period of time does the FREE offer cover?
Many thanks for your offer - yes I'm interested however a question:
What period of time does the FREE offer cover? (ie for one year etc)?
Once the free offer expires, how much will the annual advertising cost be?

I ask because there have been problems with free offers before in that once expired there appears to be an obligation to purchase (sometimes for an unrealistic costing!) I do not wish to be placed in that position.

No gimmicks, no cons.

The free listing is indefinite; essentially forever - but obviously reserving the option to make some changes to the policy in the future, who knows what time may bring.

There are certainly no plans to stop having free listings.

The idea is to have literally thousands of self catering properties listed, and to hope that a small percentage will find the paid-for optional extras attractive.

If we had 500 listed all paying for it the chances are visitors to the site will not find accommodation where they want to stay. If we have 10,000 listed they have a better chance of finding something suitable and the site should be more successful. And we then hope that maybe 2% will find the 24 or 48 per year an attractive extra.

The has been going since July 2005; averaged 133 visitors per day through January 2006 and the most viewed B&B .. in Morocco .. a premium listing .. has been viewed 4 times that of another in New Zealand added on the same day with a plain Free entry.

See the current differences in viewing figures between Premium, Featured and Free Listings.

The potential is there.
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